About Present Partner

What is PresentPartner.com?

PresentPartner.com is an online gift registry that allows you to share your gift ideas with your friends and family. Create a wishlist of stuff you want from anywhere using your PC, tablet, or mobile phone, then invite your friends to exchange lists. Got something for someone off their list? Mark it off and don't worry about giving the same gift as someone else ever again! Got a great gift idea for someone? Add it to their Gift Ideas list, and share it with other members or keep it to yourself! Present Partner is your one-stop place for all your gift-giving holidays and events.

Why should I use PresentPartner.com?

PresentPartner.com strives to be easy enough for every member of the family to use, while providing unique functionality that is not tied to a single store, product, or occasion. Best of all, it's free!

How do I exchange my gift list friends and family?

To exchange gift lists with a friend or family member, you must first make a request for exchange. You may do this by (1) selecting "Buy Gifts" from the menu, then "Add Another User" or (2) by selecting to add the person through a network. Once the user you wish to add has confirmed they want to exchange their gift list with you, you will be able to see their gift list, and they will be able to see yours.

What is a Network?

A Network is a group of Present Partner users. Typically Networks are used by groups of related friends and family members, although anyone can create a Network that any other members can join. To view networks you've joined, networks available for you to join, or create a new network, select "Networks" from the menu. You may join any network that a member of your "Buy Gifts" list belongs to.

How do I restrict who can see my gift list?

Each time a friend or family member requests to exchange gift lists with you, a confirmation e-mail is sent to you. You may approve or deny the request directly from the e-mail or at your next login.

How do I add a link a gift in my gift list?

Adding a link to your gift listing is a great way to help your friends and family members find exactly what you're looking for. To do this, first pull up the webpage containing the item you wish to link to. Next, find the address bar of your browser. The address bar is typically at the top of the browser next to the back button and contains the full address of the page you're viewing, typically starting with the URL of the site you're looking at. For example, if you're viewing a listing on Amazon.com, the contents of the address bar will typically begin with http://www.amazon.com/. Right click inside the address bar, then click the "Select All" option. The contents of the address bar should now be highlighted. Right click the address bar again, then click the "Copy" option. Now go to PresentPartner.com, log in and either add a new gift, or select a pre-existing gift that you want to add a link to. Delete any contents in the "Hyperlink" field of the gift you are adding or editing, then right-click somewhere in the field and select "Paste". You should see the address of the item you wish to link to in the Hyperlink field. Now push the "Submit" button and your link will be saved.